Digital document filing

Filing documents centrally and making them digitally available at any time

Digital document filing

Intelligent import functions for the digital filing of documents

The standard file upload or drag & drop functionalities already included in SharePoint are optimised through the use of DocuWheel and enable your employees intuitive functionalities when importing data.

Depending on the work process of an employee, they can be used in a different way. On the one hand, files can be imported automatically into the DMS via rule-based interfaces from third-party systems or other storage locations.

In doing so, data from different systems, such as SAP, NAV and Dynamics CRM can be integrated in the DMS and used for metadata assignment to documents. This results in comprehensive search options.

In addition, documents stored in the DMS can be made available in third-party systems or used to design cross-application processes.

Furthermore, DocuWheel supports different usage levels for scanning processes. Different application scenarios are possible – from OCR full text recognition of scanned documents, to the use of barcodes as well as an optional form recognition with automatic assignment of metadata for the classification of documents.

Take a look at the digital document filing:

Integrate digital file formation directly into your SharePoint and benefit from numerous advantages:

Central document management and easier access

Flexible working through location-independent access

Storage of multiple documents by mass upload functions

Interfaces for cross-system work with documents

You can find more details to the scope of DocuWheel in our information material.


Digitale Dokumentenablage


Digitale Dokumentenablage

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